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12 BILLION tonnes of lead-acid batteries (LABs) are in use globally. In Europe, the recycling rate of these batteries is as high as 95% – but the recycling technology is energy intensive. Indeed, pyrometallurgy requires about 18 kWh to recycle a 1 kWh battery. The amount of energy used to recycle one battery far exceeds the amount of energy stored in that battery!

Pyrometallurgy is also highly polluting. For every 10k tonnes of LABs recycled, as much as 4,500 tonnes CO2, 4 tonnes SO2, 2 tonnes NO2 and 1 tonne particulates are produced. Even if abatement systems are employed to minimise pollution, such systems are expensive and cannot always be relied on.

In partnership with the University of Cambridge, Aurelius Technologies bring to the market a patented hydrometallurgical process that is energy efficient, non-polluting, low-cost and scalable. Fenixpb reduces the environmental impact from smelting, while transforming LAB waste into next-generation batteries that are more energy efficient and longer-lasting than current LABs.


the clean and profitable alternative to smelting

Fenixpb is a radically new, patented technology. The process was invented by Dr Kumar at Cambridge University and industrialised by Aurelius. It converts LAB waste into battery-ready lead oxide with control over the amount of free lead particles (Pb) within the paste. Fenixpb is revolutionary: it offers a direct route to battery paste without having to handle or process an intermediate lead ingot.

Fenixpb is environmentally benign. Compared to pyrometallurgy, it reduces the carbon footprint of the LAB recycling process by up to 90% and eliminates noxious gases (for example SO2 and NO2). It also generates energy which can be used to subsidise electricity.

Crucially, batteries produced from our recycled paste can outperform current LABs. Laboratory studies have shown that the battery’s energy efficiency increases by up to 30% when our proprietary, nano-crystalline PbO/Pb paste is employed.

We are revolutionising not only LAB recycling, but also the battery itself.

a low cost capital solution

For every 10k tonnes of LABs processed we save around $500,000 (compared to smelting). Being profitable at low scale, we can operate closer to the source of waste LABs.

friendly to the environment

Our process reduces the carbon footprint by up to 90%, eliminates noxious gases and releases thermal energy (400 kWh) that can be used to subsidise electricity.

next-generation batteries

Our nano-crystalline PbO paste can lead to longer-lasting, more energy efficient batteries. In conjunction with our other technologies, we aim to produce the ultimate battery…

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