We are a visionary and innovative process and service company, with interests in Environmental Management, Materials Recycling and Energy Storage. We believe in progressive sustainability and the use of technology to create a better world.

Founded in 2014, our company’s name is a tribute to the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Unlike many of his peers, Aurelius stood up for the needs of the public. His strong moral values and ethical stance inspired us to develop a business that works for the greater good.

Our vision is a fully sustainable business, where waste streams enter our processes and nothing but products leave. Where multiple recycling infrastructures complement each other – one stream’s waste being another stream’s in-feed.

Our journey towards this vision begins here, with a technology poised to revolutionise the recycling of lead-acid batteries. A technology which is ready to provide the innovation this field has been desperately seeking to find. In partnership with Cambridge University, we are pleased to introduce Fenixpb: our sustainable and environmentally friendly process for the recycling of lead.

Miles Freeman

Miles Freeman


Miles Freeman is a former Operations Director, in a division of Ecobat Technologies (the world’s largest producer and recycler of lead). Over his career, he has amassed extensive marketing and commercial knowledge of the battery recycling market and operational delivery of various recycling technologies, logistics, and management systems. He holds a BSc in Chemistry, Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and a Diploma in Health & Safety.

Miles’s vision, embodied within Aurelius, is to develop a fully sustainable closed loop business model for end of life materials “where nothing but waste enters, and nothing but products leave”.

Athan Fox

Athan Fox

Technology Director

Athan is passionate about science and technology that adds value to society and the environment. He is a PhD graduate in Chemistry from the University of Cambridge, and he also holds a First Class BSc in Chemistry and MPhil in Analytical Chemistry.

Following his PhD, Dr Fox worked as a trainee patent attorney, a Laboratory Manager at Cambridge University, and a Technology Transfer Associate at Cambridge Enterprise. He joined Aurelius as Technology Director in February 2016. His experience includes organic and analytical chemistry, drafting and prosecuting patent applications, managing intellectual property and technology transfer.